Sunday, November 1, 2009

wrt54g v7 choking (intermittent dropouts) and hidden firmware

Hmm, the linksys wrt54g.. routers have a decent reputation, so without research I popped in a store and got one for my parents. I got the v7, and it turns out impossible to flash with the dd-wrt or openwrt firmwares.
I needed to get something else on there because everytime I visited and/or my siblings did and brought their computer, the router would choke, pretty quick, and deny internet to everyone. A quick reboot and we would be good to go for another 5 minutes.
No new firmware to be found on the linksys website (I had 7.00.4).

But!! It turns out the UK version did have new firmware 7.00.8 and so far, it does appear to solve the choking problem. Yaya, so to all you fellow sufferers, get your fresh firmware here today!