Thursday, April 15, 2010

coolbook on a Macbook pro 15", 2.2 Ghz

After the 10.6.3 update my MBP was playing tricks on me and the fans were blowing at their maximal rpms almost constantly. I was sure it was the update, or so I thought, it turned out that the Firefox update a few days later messed something up with my Sage plugin and I assumed that 30% cpu usage by firefox was normal, I was wrong. But I was pretty annoyed with my fans by that time and I discovered the 10USD shareware CoolBook that claims to lower your cpu's heat output by reducing the voltage to the cpu, and hardly compromising the performance in doing so. I'm really pleased and definitely recommend it but I'm posting this to share the settings I 'm using for my machine. It took me a few hours of testing and a lot of kernel panics but here they are, I hope they work for you. If they don't, then definitely spend some time to discover your optimal settings because it's worth it.

Update here.
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