Tuesday, December 21, 2010

iSight pain

I still don't know why it stopped working or what the fix actually does, but it worked for me. My iSight stopped working, but not completely and the last thing I did was to have Parallels use my iSight (which prompted for drivers I didn't install but worked anyhow), and then giving it back to my Mac and it continued to work, until I awoke my mbp from sleep the next time. I tried all the usual (annoyingly lazy) fixes, reboot, smc reset, and so on... everything short of reinstalling a combo-update or just reinstalling my mac. Those sure are popular "fixes". But I digress.
It turned out then whenever I plugged in *any* usb device, my iSight would stop working, which sucks when you rely on a usb stick occasionally to connect to the internet. But enough talk, the fix that worked for me is here, good luck with it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bliss is when the simple hack of a usb extension cable means the difference between hspa heaven and umts hell.

My Huawei e1750 3G stick was a pain, I was on the edge of the HSPA coverage area and my signal kept falling back to UMTS, which sucks since UMTS can only seem to handle a few simultaneous connections.
After a month of frustration and a lot of cussing it dawned to me to use a USB extension cord and some velcro tape to place the stick above my head so my body or laptop wouldn't block the signal anymore.
My little hack was victorious and I am enjoying a stable HSPA connection. Funny how a crappy internet connection can screw up your mood so badly.