Thursday, February 10, 2011

iTunes restore blues

Your device is jailbroken, there is a new jailbreak out and you try to restore, iTunes keeps restoring your device, rebooting it, then telling you it has encountered some 4digit error (my latest one was 1013) and that it has found an iDevice in recovery mode and needs to restore it, over and over again.
The most probable reason and cure in this case is that iTunes failed to verify the restore with apple (ET phone home) and this in turn is most likely because is pointing to a server that is not responding properly, probably because you entered an alternate ip address yourself in the hosts file or something like tinyumbrella did it for you. Just comment out all the entries in the hosts file (in /etc/ on a mac or in %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ on win machines) that contain by putting a # in front of the entry. Then restart your internet connection (on your computer, not your home network).
If you rely on TinyUmbrella for signatures, then make sure that localhost/ is uncommented in your hosts file.

iPhone GMail incorrect exchange password

At first I thought this was just a built-in security measure that you couldn't get around, and that you constantly needed to enter your password tens of times and that you also needed to constantly fill out the Google unlock captcha.
I thought this was inevitable Since my iPhone is roaming and constantly switching networks, and I keep an eye on my email with my browser and email client as well simultaneously.
I was wrong, all I needed to get rid of that error was a password that google considered strong. Solved all my problems in the blink of an eye.