Tuesday, January 29, 2013

pente.org on iOS - my first app

I enjoy a game, if not daily then at least weekly, of pente at pente.org and ever since I owned my first iPod touch, I wanted to play pente on it. There are some nice games out there, but sadly with a weak AI or no multi-player. And someone decided it was not cool to run Java in mobile Safari, so playing on the web was also no option.

I wanted to code it for a while and after much laziness I finally got around to it, so here it is: iTunes link
Pente Live lets you play turn-based games at pente.org. No longer are you bound your computer to play pente versus other players. This app supports *all* games available at pente.org.

- Supports Pente, Connect6, Gomoku, Keryo-Pente, D-Pente, G-Pente, Poof-Pente, Boat-Pente. Turn-based games only.
- Play rated or unrated.
- Touch to zoom the board, then pan the zoomed board.
- Send invitations from your iPhone.
- Accept or decline invitations from your iPhone.
- Slide to cancel sent invitations.
- Slide to resign games.

Once it takes off, I will put in some more effort to support messages, notifications, an iPhone5 and iPad UI. And if it's ultimately possible, real-time game play.  Enjoy!